TULSA, OK (April 13th, 2018) Year after year, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament continues to live up to its billing, and this year proved to be no different. As with every great tournament, 2018’s edition of March Madness displayed moments of teamwork and tears, serendipity and sorrow. Both traditional blue bloods and upstart teams alike made runs, and fans across the nation got their money’s worth.

Fans at FlyingTee also got their money’s worth, as they were able to enjoy every NCAA game on our over 300+ television screens at the ‘Tee. And for the second straight year, guests could enter a bracket into FlyingTee’s official March Mania Bracket Contest.

This year’s edition of the contest had 135 players from around Green Country, each with the same hopes and dreams of stardom. FlyingTee gave away multiple prizes after each round, from vouchers to Cobra Puma Golf gear, and even a promise of a year-long Club Membership for a perfect bracket. Contestants were eager to put their best foot forward in the hopes of picking a winning bracket, especially after FlyingTee announced a grand prize of a 6-month Club Membership for the 1st place winner.

Just like the actual tournament, the March Mania contest had its fair share of favorites and newcomers. Perhaps the most famous Cinderella team in the NCAA Tournament was Loyola of Chicago out of the Missouri Valley Conference, who rode a hot-shooting streak all the way to the Final Four. In the same vein, the bracket challenge was led by Mitchell Mora, a self-professed non-basketball fan who decided to enter the contest on a whim.

“I entered the FlyingTee March Mania Bracket Contest because it gave me a chance to win prizes such as a Club Membership! When I first heard about the contest, I immediately sat down and started doing research on the teams and made my selections based on how many upperclassmen each team had,” Mitchell noted.

With his formula in place, Mitchell rode a slow start to a 1st place finish. Mitchell correctly predicted Villanova to win the tournament, and he himself eventually won the contest and the grand prize of a 6-Month Club Membership.

“I was so excited,” Mitchell said. “FlyingTee is a place I love to hang out with friends while also golfing, watching sports, and having a few drinks. All in all, it was a fun experience and I can’t wait to do it again next year!”

FlyingTee is proud to be able to bring first-class entertainment and games to the Tulsa Riverwalk and was especially excited with the success of the 2018 March Mania Bracket Contest. Congratulations to Mitchell Mora and all our runner-up winners!