Are you saying to yourself man this cool weather is cutting into my outdoor fun time?

Or are you pondering how you are going to get ‘a round’ in when those pesky frost delays come around? Every season, as the weather changes, these and other similar questions come up for many.

With the dropping temperatures, the darkening sky, and the chilly wind, the weather seems to be begging you to stay indoors and hibernate on your couch; but it’s common knowledge that regular activity holds the power to lift your spirits. “Moving around is helpful to everyone’s mood,” says Harvard psychologist John Sharp, MD.  Colder weather provides the perfect excuse to cancel your evening plans and veg out in your jammies.

Want to know the solution? Well we have it!

FlyingTee - Heated Bays

We are here to say, resist the urge to bail on dinner with a friend or skip a favorite group outing.

Being open year-round and with heaters in each bay, you just might be able to get a tan in the middle of the winter… All kidding aside, each of our bays are equipped with a heater over the tee line as well as a heater in the bay seating areas. In addition, every floor has one or even two of our talented bartenders who can whip up a toasty cocktail, so you stay warm from the inside out.   PLUS, with our all new pricing budget is no longer a worry.  At just $20 -$30 a bay, translating to as little as $2.50 a person, we are a fun and friendly venue for everyone.   We make staying active, improving your swing and keeping the FUN rolling as easy as donning your cutest layers and coming on out to FlyingTee.