What a weekend!!!!!

We’d like to thank you for joining in the FUN at the ‘Tee this past weekend by participating in our 1st Battle of the Bands for our 2nd Birthday Bash. 

And, what a competition – Funds were raised for our CommuniTEE partner – Unity Effects all while creating a overall great time for all the FlyingTee guests along with some who were simply here walking the Riverwalk on Saturday.

With so many talented bands, we are in hopes that several of you will be back to play here at FlyingTee in the future, it was a tight race for sure!

 So, now the announcement you have all been waiting for……………………………..


A combined score of people choice votes, judges votes and FlyingTee team member votes made for a very tight contests. 

However the band CIRCLE took a large lead in the people’s choice votes – which makes up just a small portion of what we will be including in the check to our June CommuniTEE partner Unity Effects once June comes to a close

Join us to hear CIRCLE in July as the first of many gigs they will play at the ‘Tee will be July 8th and July 29th from 5pm – 8pm.


Runner up bands

In no particular order: Accident Artist, Steelyface, Cherokee Rose & Florence Rose

Congratulations and thank you again for your time, energy and performances.