CommuniTEE is a Core Value for FlyingTee
Once upon a time, many moons ago, every Christmas, my brother and I were shuttled around Oklahoma City by our Mom to visit families in need. A successful entrepreneur in her own right, Karen Vollbrecht (our Mom) took her time to volunteer regularly at the Hope Center ( and, every year, before we opened gifts from Santa, we struck out to deliver basic necessities and gifts to families. We didn’t throw gifts in a donation bin, and we didn’t just send a check; rather, we visited the families in person. We visited them at their house, apartment, duplex, or homeless shelter. We learned to appreciate the opportunities that we had. We learned that helping others is its own reward. We learned that we could make a huge difference in the lives of fellow Oklahomans.

Over the last five years we’ve worked hard to build a fantastic and unique entertainment destination. We are proud of what our team have brought to life: a place for Oklahomans to eat great food and have an absolute blast, whether with friends, family or colleagues. The upshot is that we now have almost 55,000 square feet that can be used to continue our Mom’s legacy. Our very first event at FlyingTee was for ALS; since then we’ve hosted dozens of fundraisers and charity golf tournaments helping to raise over $200,000.00 for local organizations along the way. We also contribute our bay and food packages to fundraisers all over Oklahoma.

We are excited to expand our efforts and to play a bigger part in our community. Cleverly called CommuniTEE, the program is a new way to partner, featuring awesomeness such as: ongoing local school sponsorships and donations; First Responder Mondays (play free!); and team outings for Habitat for Humanity. Stay tuned for news about exciting new events, tournaments, leagues and other ways we are giving back, and please let us know how we can help you and the causes for which you are passionate! For all this (and more!), find us on Facebook @flyingtee, Twitter @FlyingTee, Instagram @flyingtee or our website


I recently heard a pretty clever tag line about a website and its followers: they called themselves a, “website with a charity problem.” Our goal: make FlyingTee an entertainment destination with a charity problem!




James Vollbrecht, CTO & FlyingTee Co-founder