Welcome Renee Schmitz

Renee Schmitz, joins our Event Sales team with an extensive background in the hospitality industry via both Hilton and Marriott brands. Returning to the industry after a short family sabbatical Renee shared “I’m so delighted to be here and working at such a FUN place is just what I needed, I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Renee’s goal, when working with clients, is to find the perfect package to fit each group’s needs in order to deliver a “Wow” experience. She accomplishes this with the approach of listening to each individual client’s needs and then walking them through the process from start to finish. Renee’s favorite quote ties perfectly into her philosophy of taking care of each guest needs, “I’m right on top of that, Rose.”

Born and raised in Tulsa, OK with a deep passion for her family, faith and helping others Renee finds herself “blessed in so many ways and thankful beyond measure.” She believes in being kind to one another and helping those in need, including a love of animals.

When not in the office, Renee loves spending time with her family, friends and binge-watching Netflix. She also enjoys walking her dogs and spending snuggle time with her kitty cats. Finding a balance between life and work can be difficult but Renee feels she has found the secret. “Work hard and do your best, but be present (really present) with those you love. Enjoy life & take in all the goodness around you!”

Archetype: 45% Spiritual, 41% Caregiver and 14% Visionary

Don’t Hibernate This Season, we have just the thing to keep the cold at bay!

FlyingTee - Heated Bays

Are you saying to yourself man this cool weather is cutting into my outdoor fun time?

Or are you pondering how you are going to get ‘a round’ in when those pesky frost delays come around? Every season, as the weather changes, these and other similar questions come up for many.

With the dropping temperatures, the darkening sky, and the chilly wind, the weather seems to be begging you to stay indoors and hibernate on your couch; but it’s common knowledge that regular activity holds the power to lift your spirits. “Moving around is helpful to everyone’s mood,” says Harvard psychologist John Sharp, MD.  Colder weather provides the perfect excuse to cancel your evening plans and veg out in your jammies.

Want to know the solution? Well we have it!
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Holiday Event Tips

FlyingTee - Holiday Event Planning


The “to-do” checklist for planning a corporate holiday event may feel endless, but you are not alone if you are confused about where to start.

Start the corporate holiday party planning with two easy questions:

What is my holiday event budget?

Talk to your company’s power that be to get confirmation on the budget allotted for the holiday event. Having a precise number bakes the planning process much easier from the get-go.

What is the goal of our company’s holiday event?

While a corporate holiday event is meant to be a celebration, this is not enough to define the true goal. Is the party being held as a private event for employees only, or will clients be invited as well? If your event involves the latter, you must budget for ways to showcase your company’s accomplishments and foster socialization between team members and clients.
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Creating 500+ jobs in the process

TULSA, OK, May 20, 2019 – FlyingTee will construct and operate a flagship FlyingTee powered by FLITE, active entertainment, golf and dining facility in Carson, California, to be known as FlyingTee Dominguez Hills. The custom design, 3-level, 70,000 sq. ft. venue will feature over 100 deluxe, climate-controlled and technology-driven hitting bays; along with an expansive outdoor space, active-format games, semi-private hitting suites and event spaces for larger groups and multi-generational gatherings. The facility will create over 500 jobs when it opens in late 2020.
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CommuniTEE is a Core Value for FlyingTee

CommuniTEE is a Core Value for FlyingTee
Once upon a time, many moons ago, every Christmas, my brother and I were shuttled around Oklahoma City by our Mom to visit families in need. A successful entrepreneur in her own right, Karen Vollbrecht (our Mom) took her time to volunteer regularly at the Hope Center (https://hopecenterofedmond.com/) and, every year, before we opened gifts from Santa, we struck out to deliver basic necessities and gifts to families. We didn’t throw gifts in a donation bin, and we didn’t just send a check; rather, we visited the families in person. We visited them at their house, apartment, duplex, or homeless shelter. We learned to appreciate the opportunities that we had. We learned that helping others is its own reward. We learned that we could make a huge difference in the lives of fellow Oklahomans.
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Meet Kim Yost, Group Event Sales Associate

Kim Yost, Private Event and Group Sales Associate, is celebrating her one-year anniversary with FlyingTee this very month. Kim’s favorite quote describes how she embraces every day, “Be real, be yourself, be unique, be true, be honest, be humble, be YOU!”

Kim’s goal when working with her clients is to assist with everything, including the “little details that sometimes get missed.” She feels her job is to “give personal attention to their event and make the clients’ life easier and less stressful by working with them and then exceeding their expectations.”
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Meet Michael Adair, Group Events Sales Associate

Michael Adair, Private Event and Group Sales Associate, has worked his way up through several roles within the FlyingTee family. Having begun at the very point where our visitors are first greeted, our Guest Services desk. Adair is no stranger to all it takes to create the ultimate guest experience from the warm welcome through to the fond farewell.

“Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like no one is watching,” by Satchel Paige is his favorite quote and truly embodies how Adair thinks outside of the box to create WOW experiences for each and every client or guests who visit FlyingTee.   When asked what he does at FlyingTee words like illuminate, enthusiastic, entertaining, successful and experience were key components of how he described his role.

While originally a local lad, from Sand Springs, he has spent time on both the East and West coast in his life, proudly supporting his team, OU, from coast to coast.   With a unique sales career from a group sales member for a professional baseball team, to a wine rep in California, Adair’s positions have “allowed (him) to not only sell but successfully create event experiences and unique ways to have fun while achieving (his) goals!”
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Meet Our Director of Group Sales

Sean Dolan, our Director of Event Sales, joined the team July 2017 and there is simply no stopping him. In fact, Sean’s favorite quote is “What do you do when you fall down? You get back up.” With a career in the customer service industry through one avenue or another; 20+ years as a golf professional, roles in project management and planning/hosting fundraising events, he has still found a way to raise three wonderful kiddos with his beautiful wife in the Broken Arrow area, where he himself grew up.

When asked what he does here at the ‘Tee, Sean replied that it is “our job to help our guests have a first-rate event while at our facility. We want our guests to relax & let our staff provide them with first class service and a fantastic experience in an atmosphere that is fun, exciting and leaving people wanting to come back again and again.”
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